Unify Quality Testing

Defect prevention, not defect detection

by DeeperThanBlue Unify

DeeperThanBlue Unify is a business unit set up within DeeperThanBlue Group by people with a passion for testing, spotting a gap in the market for quality test resources on projects. 



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We’re specialists in testing! Over the years, we have worked within many different domains including: retail (e-commerce solutions) , healthcare, finance and more. At DeeperThanBlue Unify we use a positive collaborative approach, to get everyone working in the same direction, to improve processes best fitted for the project. 
Every customer is different…
Therefore we offer a range of flexible, specialist test services depending on the customer and the requirements for the project.
Also providing important optimisation project delivery because as we test a project, we understand which are the best next steps in the project to take. In effect, benefiting and protecting your the business directly, ensuring you’re delivering a quality product.

How is progress measured, knowing we're going in the right direction?

We have a maturity matrix, where we perform a test maturity review to see where you are as a customer at this point in time and how you can improve to get to the next stages. Falling into two usual categories:


  • one being quick wins
  • or longer terms strategy changes for a shift in direction. 


We seek feedback and work very closely with teams to make sure we can measure confidence and add moral to forever keep elements improving. 

If you are interested in excelling in your market, becoming a digital disruptor or simply finding out more please get in touch.

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