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Transforming Fully Charged…

DeeperThanBlue appointed to transform the eCommerce function of leading eBike retailer, Fully Charged.

Sheffield-based eCommerce specialists DeeperThanBlue have been appointed by the UK’s premier eBike retailer, Fully Charged, to transform the brand’s eCommerce function.

The partnership with DeeperThanBlue will focus on reimagining Fully Charged’s technology potential through re-platforming to a next generation eCommerce platform in BigCommerce and bringing essential automation to back-end operations.  

Fully Charged has built a market-leading business since launching in 2014. The brand’s initial focus was centred on urban commuters and fitness fanatics in London before branching out further across the South West with its own stores and franchises. The eBike specialist has now developed a business to business strategy aiding logistics companies in last-mile delivery through cargo bikes and helping field workers commute to their places of work. Key to the next stage of their growth is to streamline their digital operation to better serve both their B2C and B2B customers.  

From the first meeting of minds between DeeperThanBlue and Fully Charged in 2020, the expert eCommerce consultants began a period of discovery and design to select the right eCommerce platform. Following a detailed review BigCommerce was found to be the perfect fit due to its SaaS market-leading status and open API framework.  

Crucial to the ongoing project will be the API integration with Fully Charged’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Citrus Lime. This will be done through DeeperThanBlue’s cloud-based integration layer and will automate stock and order processes. 

The work that the eCommerce solutions specialists will undertake will see Fully Charged handling hundreds of orders a day whilst offering streamlined customer service and a tailored customer journey. It is the first step in developing a robust IT infrastructure to future-proof technology systems. 

Chris Booker, Director at DeeperThanBlue said: “We all know how Covid changed the world when it came to eCommerce. But it also made us all look at our personal fitness regimes. Sales for fitness equipment grew exponentially during lockdown, creating a perfect storm for Fully Charged to capitalise on.  

“And they’ve done just that, becoming one of the most successful brands in their market. But to reach the height of their potential, it’s essential to make some changes to existing legacy infrastructure. A lack of PCI compliance on the existing platform meant customers were forced to navigate away from site to complete their transaction. Plus the vital piece of integration between the online store and back-end ERP software was missing, resulting in manual order processing, bringing the potential for human error and reducing order capacity.  

“Building a technology infrastructure that matches the cutting edge vision of Fully Charged is key.” 

Following the ERP integration, plans are in place to extend this integration and quickly develop connections into further back-end systems including CRM, Service and Finance.  

Ben Jaconelli, founder of Fully Charged said: “With the eCommerce integration and re-platforming, now we can hit more markets, reach more audiences and run a more efficient business. With more streamlined operations and a holistic view of our customers we can better engage with our users and re-create our tailored in-store experience online. 

“With the project now set to start, we’re looking forward to building a long-term partnership with DeeperThanBlue to enhance our digital offering further and ensure we continue to lead the UK eBike market.”



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