The backbone of the successful eCommerce retailer

By tying processes, people and partnerships together across your organisation you have one single point to manage and analyse all the data around order management.

First and foremost this means a slick operation and happy customers. But with the right data and insights you can better understand your users, optimise your operation and scale in line with peaks and organic growth. Successful order management is essential for driving more revenue and profitability from the ordering process.


What is an order management system?

A good order management system will enable you to plan, release and monitor the progress of every order in the warehouse through to pick, pack and dispatch.

This in turn means you can group and release orders to make the most of your resources, prioritise work and ensure optimum efficiency. With key variables such as orders pending, orders to be picked and shipped shown on a single order management screen you have all the key data at your fingertips in real-time.

What are the benefits?

With the right order management software you can process and fulfil your orders in less time with greater oversight. Specifically, effective order management will provide the following key benefits:

  • Process your orders in less time and speed up fulfilment.
  • Complete oversight of every single order through a centralised order management system.
  • Reliable order management software: prioritise orders by destination, order date, delivery method, courier, inventory locations etc.
  • Scale your business simply and cost-effectively with a system that grows alongside your company.



Catering to the needs of your customers

Consumers expect a seamless, consistent and intuitive experience from online retailers. And these expectations are only growing in today’s current climate. Whilst increased online spend offers a key opportunity for eCommerce businesses, it brings added pressure to get things right.

Today’s need for seamless customer experience runs from browsing, to ordering, to payment right through to fulfilment. Without successful order management software, a vital link in the chain will be broken.

By implementing effective order management processes you enable your uses to purchase and order 24/7 (10pm is often peak time for online orders) with everything immediately automated meaning dispatch emails and confirmations are sent at any time of day. Inventory updates ensure you can stay ahead of products selling out too – which in turn means no frustrated buyers.

Seamless order management spells effective customer experience and happy users

Looking out for what your business needs

The requirements of your customers and business need to work in tandem. By getting your order management systems, processes and workflows working effectively you’ll enjoy improved accuracy and efficiency across your business. Through newfound automation and real-time updates this will mean reduced errors, faster updated inventory, quicker order turnaround and better customer interaction.

You also have essential line of sight across all orders and inventory meaning you can quickly spot bestsellers and other product trends to make informed merchandising decisions.

Helping choose the right software for you

With so many benefits on offer from order management, choosing the right software is key. Factors to consider include the ease of integration with your eCommerce platform, what data you can use, how easy it is to set up, the ability to scale and the opportunities for automation.

At DeeperThanBlue we can help you make the right technology choices and integrate them into a scalable eCommerce ecosystem that will cater to both your customers and your business requirements. To find out more and to begin building a flexible, agile and scalable eCommerce ecosystem get in touch with us today.


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