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Klaviyo and BigCommerce

Klaviyo and BigCommerce

Now you can create personalised marketing messages for your users and provide them with moments that matter. 

Klaviyo enables you to learn more about your customers than you ever knew before, ensuring you can communicate with them on a personal level and build ongoing relationships with them. By tapping into all available data points on your users you’ll have the platform to create memorable marketing moments. Integrations happen in minutes meaning you’ll be driving results fast. By integrating Klaviyo and BigCommerce, you’ll benefit from: 

Truly personalised automations

Trigger flows based on dates, events, list membership, or segment membership and use splits, filters, A/B tests to target and optimise. 

Richer segmentation 

Now you can define segments without limitations. Use any combination of events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and more — over any time range.

Leading data science 

Benefit from automatically-generated predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, and out of the box personalized product recommendations.

Full lifecycle engagement 

Deliver targeted, branded forms to build your marketing list. Then engage customers through multiple channels and use predictions to anticipate churn or target high-value customers.

One-click integrations

Tap into over 70 pre-built one-click integrations plus open APIs. This means that you can easily get your business’ data into Klaviyo without hassle.

Rapid setup

Integrating Klaviyo takes minutes. Build stronger marketing communications by automatically syncing all historical data and all future data.

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