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Why finance professionals need data skills to stay relevant

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There’s a saying doing the rounds at the moment that, Data is the new oil and Analytics the new engine.

That being said you’d think that, if this is where the opportunity is at and given how much we are involved in generating and reporting the data & insights, then why are some of our skills as finance professionals only just touching the surface of what’s possible.  Also threatening our ability to remain relevant and continue to be involved in solving meaningful problems for our organisations. These are just some of topics our Analytics Operations Director, Simon Harrison & Andrew Codd, from ‘The Strength In The Numbers Show’, cover together in this podcast:

  • The surprising skillset Finance professionals don’t quite yet have and the simple practical things we can do to improve this. Finance professionals would get a lot of benefit from earning the basics of databases, what is a table, a join, a query?
  • The main areas to be open minded on what IT can teach us on.
  • We discuss why when it comes to data Finance needs to be more an art than a science.
  • Why SQL is important and why we both still love Excel.
  • We challenge the audience to take time to develop their data skills, from gathering, processing, analysing and presenting data back to ensure that the value hidden in the data can be found


Listen to the podcast below

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