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Choosing the right Digital Commerce Partner for success

It’s imperative you choose the right technical partner for your Digital eCommerce journey. Here at DeeperThanBlue, we work tirelessly with our clients through all the challenges businesses face in today’s digital world, turning them into revenue generating opportunities and building a solid foundation for business growth.

Having years of high profile success delivering both bespoke and large-scale eCommerce solutions to some of the biggest brands with the most complex and demanding infrastructures, we’ve outlined five points to consider when looking to select a new business partner.

Platform Experience

A partner should be a trusted advisor.  The more experience an eCommerce solutions partner has in different technologies, the better advice they can give you to help you resolve your individual challenges.

Validate your potential partners credibility with accreditations across multiple technology solutions.  They must possess deep technical and commercial knowledge of multiple platforms, as well as their functionality, limitations, the other technologies they interoperate with, and the challenges plus the best practices associated with them, is invaluable to an eCommerce solutions partnership.


eCommerce is challenging every single day.  The true test of a partner is how they deal with obstacles.  A service partner with experience in handling tough problems successfully will have confidence in their ability to resolve issues, especially those they have faced before.

Ensure your potential suitors provide you with multiple references from previous relationships and where possible have them introduce you to their clients for private, unbiased feedback to be given in private separate from the partner being involved in the actual call.

Good Chemistry, Great Governance

A friendly sales journey during the selection process can fade when the real work begins.  It isn’t the pre-sales team you work with for the length of a partnership, it is all the other areas of your potential partners service teams, project managers, technical support, legal & finance etc.  Ask to talk to and ideally meet with the people who will be working with you on a daily basis. If you can build a good relationship with those parts of your partners business ahead of making your final decision, it will help confirm with confidence you may have found your perfect eCommerce life partner.

If you can establish a rapport with these people early, it will stand you in good stead.

The Courage to Say ‘No’

Nobody likes to be told ‘no’, but it’s vital your partner does so when they feel you are making an incorrect decision.  After all, you have partnered with them to be your trusted advisor, as part of this they must know when to turn down additional project activity and revenue for work they do not believe is the best course of action for your business.  Keeping this in mind during your design proposal stage will enable you to understand the ethics of your potential partner.

Buy-in to Your Success

Partners that work together can do wonderful things – especially when they succeed or fail together! Your partner will care about the success of your business as much as you do when their success is dependent on yours, therefore arguments over price or timeframes can be counterproductive.

One of the most valuable traits of a good partner is arguably not commercial.  It is providing another voice to listen to when making important technical decisions, a pair of trusted eyes to review something you’re unsure about, and providing industry knowledge in resolving challenges.  Identify what your supplier deems a successful project, high-cost and short timeframes, or the right solution delivered in the right time.


The road to success is fraught with risk, unexpected issues and challenges.  It is your partners obligations to foresee these and act ahead of time to avoid them, laying a clear path for successful engagement delivery.

If you share values, keep each other honest and align aspirations, you can face whatever the digital world throws at you standing side-by-side with your technical partner.

If you want to talk to DeeperThanBlue about how we do this for our clients, please get in touch.

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