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Smart Messaging for a Smarter Enterprise and Smarter Planet

IBM® MQ (formerly known as WebSphere MQ and MQSeries) is robust messaging middleware that simplifies and accelerates the integration of diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms. IBM MQ facilitates the assured, secure and reliable exchange of information between applications, systems, services and file by sending and receiving message data via messaging queues, thereby simplifying the creation and maintenance of business applications.

It delivers Universal Messaging with a broad set of offerings to meet enterprise-wide messaging needs, as well as connectivity for the internet of things and mobile devices.

  • Rapid, seamless connectivity of information

    with a single, robust and trusted messaging backbone for dynamic heterogeneous environments.

  • Simplified management and control

    for better control and usability.

  • High-performance and scalable message transfer

    to meet the demands of today’s enterprise and beyond.

  • Lower cost of ownership

    by reducing cost of integration and accelerating time to deployment.

  • Secure, reliable message delivery

    that preserves message integrity and minimizes risk of information loss.

  • Telemetry

    real-time access to a range of mobile devices, remote sensors and actuators

What We Do? with WebSphere MQ/ IBM MQ DeeperThanBlue has a worked with WebSphere MQ/ IBM MQ and its predecessors for over a decade. We have helped our clients with license management through to design, implementation and after-care/ support. Our Professional Services include:

  • Architecture Design

    Implementing a best-practice approach coupled with an organisations specific messaging requirements

  • Upgrades & Migrations

    Ensuring your IBM Messaging / WMQ investment is maintained and future proofed

  • Development and Testing

    Development services to ensure and assist organisations with environment integration utilising their development language of choice

  • Installation & Configuration

    Best practice approach for the installation and configuration of WMQ implementations

  • Healthchecks & Performance (APM)

    Ensuring that an organisations environments are performing to services levels, and that they are up to date with appropriate fixes and software releases

  • Support & Managed Services (AMS)

    Providing a range of support and managed services offerings to meet your organisations business requirements and service levels

Where is Messaging Used?

Its highly likely that you have touched and used messaging in a number of everyday personal and business situations. These range from:

requesting a balance or withdrawing money at a Cash Point/ ATM, as well as topping up a Mobile Phone, to initiating a Banking transfer in a branch or online.

using an E-commerce site to order your groceries, cinema tickets, or buy the latest gadget or fashionable item of clothing, the merchant/ retailer will manage the order and its status update through messaging to ensure safe fulfilment of the goods.

the tracking of goods in Logistics that are being delivered from a manufacturer, through the supply chain, to a distributor; retailer or even to the end customer; think DHL or UPS; where the goods are signed for on receipt and their movement is electronically recorded at all stages of the journey.

where an Insurance Quote is being requested either on-line, over the phone or in a branch, this is sent to a decision and pricing engine that returns the quote, the terms of the policy and the price/ payment options.

meter readings for Utility Supplies such as Water, Gas, and Electric that are automated and provide more accurate bills and feedback to the customer on consumption, to Smart Buildings having sensors that control a buildings temperature and lighting dependent on weather and occupancy.

Stock Market trades and share price updates that operate at a high velocity and volume.

Travel availability and reservation for hotels, flights and trains.

... and these are just a few examples, the possibilities are endless.

More about WebSphere MQ/ IBM MQ

Product Offerings:
WebSphere MQ/ IBM MQ
WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition
WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security
WebSphere MQ Telemetry
WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging
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